Volvo Sporta Centrs
Jūrmalas gatve 78d
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About school

When mising a child who is keen in hockey, parents are interested in development of their child. They understand that training on ice in sport school is not sufficient for allround development. A coach spend only up 3-4 minutes per player when there are 15-20 children on ice simultaneously.

As a rule, all players are doing the same exerses. Similar situation occur during ‘”dry trainings”. However, each player requires an individual approsch.


Each player has his own way of thinking, is at a different stage of physical development, various playing ahd psychological skills, in order to understand the training process. In such cases parents are forced to search for additional thinking and sport training camps. This way the young player gets more practice and receires additional experience, as well as definite recommendations from the coach.


However, there are many questions unresolved. How many and what kind of trainings does thr player needs to make progress? What should be the elements which require more attention and practice? What is the progress of the player and non it can be accelerated? What are the health risks, when the player get overtrained? Finally, how to combine ice hockey trainings and games with obtaining basic school education at a certain level of quality? How to manage the time between school studies and sports?

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